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A lifelong love of photography and noticing the small details inspires me to create my images.  I am constantly experimenting with new ideas and new techniques.

I find added creativity in taking an image and transforming it in some way.  I use double exposures, camera movement and often add additional layers of texture. This changes how the object is observed and aims to make the viewer think about the subject in an alternative way.

My main camera is an Olympus OMD EM5 and I also use an Olympus PEN-F.  I also experiment with vintage / toy lenses and film cameras.

​I am based in the North West of England.

I am happy to take local commissions, so just contact me if you would like me to photograph a particular location.

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You can see more of my work and keep up to date with everything - including any promotions or offers, on my Instagram & Facebook pages. 

Most of the images on my Instagram can be ordered as custom prints (if they are not already on my website). So if you see something you like, just send me a message.

You can also follow me on Twitter or read the blog post I was asked to write for Olympus in November. 

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You can view my work in my main gallery / retail space in 

Red Brick Market

Cains Brewery Village

Stanhope Street


L8 5XJ                 (Open everyday from 10am)

You can also buy online & collect from
Red Brick & save on delivery costs.
Just choose this option on checkout. 

Smaller selections of my work can also be viewed/bought from


98 Paradise Street


L1 3HJ

Technically Brilliant Art

Golden Square



Lu Ban Restaurant

Cains Brewery Village

Stanhope Street


L8 5XJ


Latest News


Thanks to all who have been into Technically Brilliant in Warrington & bought my work!  I popped in today to do a bit of a stock take before the current 'Resolution' exhibition swaps over to the new 'Wish You Were Here' exhibition.  Last couple of days to view/buy!

Also, I have now sourced new 50x50cm frames & they are back as an option on my website.  The new frames now match the 8" and 30cm frames.



Exhibition! Yesterday, I dropped off two fine art prints at the lovely World of Glass galleries for the forcoming 'In Isolation' exhibition which runs from 10th July until 3rd September. The work needed to be a direct response to being in lockdown & my double exposure layered images fitted the bill perfectly - since they were 'born' from being unable to go out and photograph as I would normally! I can't wait to see them on display with the other artists.










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