Frequently asked questions

Can I buy photographic prints in a different size?

Essentially, yes. My images are in three standard sizes. A 5" print could be printed as a 20cm photo print or a 30cm fine art print. A 20cm photo print could be printed as a 5" print or a 30cm fine art print.

If you require a different size to the options above, please contact me. Prints can be produced in many sizes but it is the difference in the sizes of the mount & backboard that all increases the price on a 'non standard' size as these would have to be custom ordered.

Can I buy a Fine Art Print as a photographic print?

Technically, any image can be printed at any size, however the Fine Art prints have been carefully selected to showcase the amazing colour, texture and details that is apparent in the very high quality, fine art printing process. There are a few exceptions on my website, where you can purchase an image in both formats.
If you do have a particular request however, please contact me to discuss.

What is a Fine Art Print?

Fine art prints are printed to a higher specification than photo prints. The paper used is much thicker, with an almost velvet-like surface - this, together with the different professional inks used, means that colours are much richer than a photographic print. Fine art prints have a matt appearance, again making colours richer and deeper.

Can I send a print as a gift?

Yes! Prints can easily be sent to a different address as a gift, without price details and with an enclosed, printed personalised note. Please contact me directly with recipient's name, address and details of what you would like written on the gift note. You can enter a different shipping address to your billing address when ordering. There is no extra charge for this service.

Have you got any images of ... ?

If you are looking for images of any particular location, not on my website - just contact me.

I have lots of images from the North West of England and other parts of the country (Cornwall, Scotland, Cumbria etc.) not listed on my website, purely due to space, so if you are after something special, just ask! I take my camera EVERYWHERE I go!

I also take local commissions, so can (within reason!) go and photograph somewhere that is special to you!

Can I choose a different frame?

My frames are standard black wood frames with acryllic/perspex (safer and lighter for shipping). Although I don't sell a range of different frames/colours, my prints are all standard sizes and as such you should be able to find alternative frames easily. I can give advice if need be.

You would need an 8", 30cm or 50cm square frame for my standard sizes.

14/07/2021 Update : I have now changed supplier & specification of 50x50cm frames. These new frames now match the 8" and 30cm frames.

Can you ship to ... ?

I get website hits from all over the world (thankyou!) and I am happy to give you a price to ship to any destination not currently on my shipping list.
Just contact me to get a price before you order. I am based in the UK, so please consider any additional import costs for your area.

What is a mounted print?

All of my prints (photo prints & fine art prints) are sold ready mounted. This means that they come with a white cardboard border and a backboard. It means that you don't need to do anything extra to them, if you want to frame them yourself - simply drop the mounted print straight into an 8", 30cm or 50cm square frame.
You can also just display the prints in the mount - they look great stood on a shelf or photo ledge or you could even use a mini-easel or display stand.

I use the same colour (soft white)mounts for all prints - they are acid free (so they won't discolour or damage the print) and are custom cut to size. In addition to the front mount, there is also a sturdy, acid free backboard behind the print. All mounting tapes used are also high quality, acid free.

The mounts display the title of the image, the edition number (i.e. 10/50 - the tenth print out of a possible fifty) and my name.