One Run Ends, Another Begins!

Updated: Mar 29

So what do I do when a popular print comes to the end of it's print run? Well if it's something like 'Strawberry Field' - which is a close up of one of the gate posts of that iconic Liverpool location, I go back and see how it's changed!

The original image was actually taken quite a while ago and was probably one of the first smaller prints I started selling. Thankfully, with something like this gate post, which is ever changing, due to the hundreds of names and messages left on it by visitors, going back to re-photograph it provides a different subject!

What I liked this time, is that someone has added 'All You Need Is Love' to one of the posts, so that's the one I've used for the next print, which I've titled 'Love Strawberry Field'.

There are still a few prints left of the original 'Strawberry Field' photo print but I've just added the new print to the website.


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