'The Bridge' - The story behind my new fine art print

Updated: Mar 11

Today I will try and give you the story behind my newest fine art print, 'The Bridge'.

This was taken in 2018 on the same misty morning as 'When the Magic Happens' and 'What Lies Beyond' - that was a good photography day!

It's taken me a while to come up with this fine art print, as I wanted something that complimented the other two woodland images but was sufficiently different to 'stand alone'.

Quite often, I will go out and take lots of photos but only focus on a couple, for potential prints - in this case 'When the Magic Happens' and 'What Lies Beyond'. I try not to work on too many images at one time, as I don't want them to get 'samey' - it's very easy just to process images in the same way - but I don't want to mass produce images.

The original image was taken in black and white and although I'd walked over the little bridge lots of times before, the effect of the mist and the trailing ivy that was threatening to claim it, gave it added appeal. It took two softly blended textures to finally achieve the overall look and feel that I wanted to convey.

If I have made the view stop and think about the image in some way, then I have done my job! Whether it's 'Is that a painting?' , 'Where is that?' or 'What's on the other side of the bridge?'

It is definitely one of those images that calls you back - the more you look, the more you see.

11/03/2022 : Update - a re-edited version of this image is currently on display in the Technically Brilliant Art Gallery in Warrington. The re-edit is a one off, original fine art print.


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