When you look, do you see?

If I had £1 for everytime that someone has picked up this print, looked at it and then turned it upside down and put it back, I'd have enough for a good few bottles of decent wine! I assume because they think they are doing me a favour and putting it back 'the right way up'... This is despite the fact that the print has a title, number and signature on the bottom!

Yes, it is the Liver Building upside down. but the title 'City Reflection' is a clue, as is the fact that you can see a leaf floating in the puddle!

At first glance, you may think that my prints are 'just photos' but look a little more closely and take a moment to appreciate what makes them a little different from what you may see elsewhere.

Of couse, I am very grateful for everyone that interacts with my photo art in any way (just don't put them back upside down!) 😅