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My very first blog post was actually written for Olympus UK

Finding and using Olympus cameras in 2015, really did change the way I looked at the world. Prior to then, I'd used Nikon cameras - I'm a big motorcycling fan and so most of my photographs were taken at various race circuits, with a big lens to catch the fast action. I loved my Nikon but it's size and weight really stopped me taking it out and about elsewhere. The chance to try out a small and lightweight mirrorless camera was a real eye opener and I was hooked from the moment that I took my first photo!

It's small size meant that I could slip it into any bag and therefore, my Olympus OMD EM-5 Mark ii (bought second hand!) started to go everywhere I did! Trips to cities and walks in the countryside where all captured, as I started to see just how versatile this small but mighty camera was.

I often tag OlympusUK in my Instagram posts, so it was a real honour when my images started to get noticed. I posted an in-camera double exposure shot in 2020 (below), which lead to an email from Olympus UK, asking would I like to share my work/thoughts on their Image Space Blog!

I will post my Olympus blog post separately, but the double exposure image, taken whilst on a local walk, is now on my website as a mounted photo print. It's available in two sizes and is titled 'Joy'. Many of my images usually end up being quite dark (there's another few more blog posts!), so this one is my light and summary polar opposite!

You can buy 'Joy' as a 'Small but Beautiful' print or as a larger Photo Print


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