Expect the Unexpected

On Sunday, I went into Liverpool city centre with my camera. I was on the look out for potential new 'city' prints for the website. However, I mostly find that if I go out 'looking for shots', I don't usually find them. Don't get me wrong, I did take photos but nothing really grabbed me.

We went into St John's Gardens near St George's Hall - the Spring flowers & cherry trees looked lovely. I took a handful of ICM (intentional camera movement) and slower shutter speed photos of the cherry blossom against the blue skies (in the stiff breeze!) and was really happy with these when I started to process them today.

This lead me to wish I'd taken a few more! Today's sky is grey and all the blossom has gone from trees near me, apart from a tiny dwarf cherry tree I have in a pot in the garden. I nipped out to have a look - most blossom was in bits on the floor but there were a couple of damaged blossoms hanging on. I brought them in, put a very cheap close up lens onto my camera lens, got a piece of white card and white tissue paper as a backdrop and absolutely love what I have taken! No lights, no tripod, no processing.

Layered image from Sunday

Result of today's low tech indoor 'shoot' - straight from camera

Expect more to appear on my social media pages... I'm now slightly obsessed!


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