It's Not Square!

Applying my 'style' of art photography to the whole of the wonderful and varied Liverpool waterfront has been on my mind for quite a while.

I've produced a few images just concentrating on the Pierhead, but I really love the diverse mix of architecture that runs right along the river and wanted to do it justice.

It took me a while to find the right spot in which to take the photos and also the right weather, as I wanted just the right amount of cloud.

I am really pleased with the resulting series. Originally I was only going to produce one print, but I felt that they all had their 'own personality' and I couldn't decide on just one!

  • 'Skyline' for the purists

  • 'Dark Skyline' for those that like the moodier feel

  • 'Skyline Reflected' for those that want twice the waterfront in a nice tidy order!

  • 'Altered Skyline' for those that want a talking point!

Of course, being 'not square' and quite large, meant I had to re-jig my wall space at Red Brick Market but it was so worth it as they do look stunning.

You an find all four prints in my 'Photo Print' section or use the new Filter function on my 'Shop All' page (or just click on the link below!)


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